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Pro Tools FAQ

What is Pro Tools?

Pro Tools unlocks advanced functionality in the DEV / Forem ecosystem.

How much does Pro Tools cost?

Creating a Pro Tools account is free. Once you've created your account, you'll be able to purchase promoted impressions to start advertising via promoted billboards.

View our dedicated pricing page for full details.

How do I create a Pro Tools account?

To create a Pro Tools account, you need to first create a DEV account and organization, generate a personal API key, and then use the button on the Pro Tools website to create your account.

Get started via the sign up page.

How do I contact the Pro Tools team?

You can contact us by emailing

Do you have acceptable advertising guidelines?

Yes. We are committed to ensuring a high-quality, privacy-centric, and accessible experience for the community. Additionally, all registered community members are able to disable billboards in their settings (both as a reader and publisher).

As such, we have established the following guidelines—

Approval and Disapproval:

  • As Operators of DEV, the approval of billboards is subject to our sole discretion.
  • Billboards that were initially approved may be disapproved later based on received feedback or reported concerns.
  • Guidelines could change over time or be re-written and clarified.
  • Always practice good faith engagement with the community via billboards as the best way to stay compliant.

Content Guidelines:

  • All Billboard content must adhere to the principles outlined in the Code of Conduct.
  • Prohibited content includes but is not limited to profanity, violence, and misleading information.
  • Billboard content should be up-to-date and useful (i.e., it should not link to expired information or offers).
  • While we encourage and reward engaging billboards, we disallow clickbait and any deceptive tactics.
  • Your messaging must appropriately convey the eventual landing page.

Format and Design:

  • Billboards should not be visually distracting or overwhelming.
  • As an explicit rule: animated images are prohibited from being used in the sidebar placement location.
  • Length/Size Limitations: Billboards should be of an appropriate length and size (they must not take up excessive space).
  • Sidebar locations should generally conform more strictly to the general site design.
  • Below comment locations can be more varied in length and design for additional experimentation.

Accessibility and Readability:

  • Billboards should incorporate accessibility features and follow a11y best practices.
  • Any included images should feature adequate contrast to ensure readability, and an alt message should be included in the markdown.
  • Appropriate semantic markup should be used (i.e., not using H1 tags).

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